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GNWT-INF (Sahtu) - S21S-001

Edie Lake Quarry Geotechnical Investigation

Geotechnical drilling program at the Edie Lake Quarry to determine material quality and quantity for the Prohibition Creek Access Road. Program will involve drilling up to 7 boreholes at the quarry site. No new clearing will be required for the program. The drilling sites are at an existing quarry which is accessible via a haul road which connects to the Mackenzie Valley Winter Road. For drilling locations outside the existing quarry, access trails have previously been cleared to reach these sites. These clearing activities were completed under the existing LUP S15E-004. A 20m radius is expected to be cleared around each borehole. Overall, the disturbance associated with the Project will be less than 1 ha

Water will be sourced from the Town of Norman Wells municipal water source and transported to site via water truck operated by HRN Contracting Ltd. Water withdrawal for the Project will be less than 100 m3 per day (approximately 20 m3 per day).

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1. Permit - Licence - Other Issuances
All Issuances
Document Received/Sent Uploaded
S21S-001 - Decision Letter - Mar 19_21.pdf (259.22 KB)
S21S-001 - Land Use Permit - Mar 8_21.pdf (965.42 KB)
S21S-001 - Reasons for Decision- Mar 8_21.pdf (350.79 KB)
2. Initial/Renewal Application
Application and Related Docs
Document Received/Sent Uploaded
S21S-001 - Drill Program - Notification - Jun 17_21.pdf (1.07 MB)
S21S-001 - Project Maps - Feb 2_21.pdf (589.18 KB)
S21S-001 - Archeological Information - Jan 25_21.pdf (686.28 KB)
S21S-001 - LUP Application - Edie Lake Quarry Geotechnical Drlling - Jan 25_21.pdf (3.91 MB)
S21S-001 - Project Description Report - Jan 25_21.pdf (845.52 KB)
S21S-001 - Project Support Letter - Jan 25_21.pdf (296.66 KB)
S21S-001 - Traditional Knowledge Information - Jan 25_21.pdf (1.32 MB)
Consultations - Reviews - Work Plans
Document Received/Sent Uploaded
S21S-001 - Staff Report No.1 - Mar 8_21.pdf (321.41 KB)
S21S-001 - E-mails - Clarification - Boreholes and Casings - Mar 5_21.pdf (369.5 KB)
S21S-001 - Review Comment Table - Mar 8_21.pdf (47.87 KB)
S21S-001 - Draft Land Use Permit Conditions - Feb 2_21.pdf (312.07 KB)
Preliminary Screening
Document Received/Sent Uploaded
S21S-001 - SLWB Preliminary Screening Determination Letter - Mar 8_21.pdf (393.51 KB)
S21S-001 - SLWB Preliminary Screening - Mar 8_21.pdf (713.86 KB)
6. Management Plans
Assorted Management Plans
Document Received/Sent Uploaded
S21S-001 - Permafrost and Erosion Management Plan - Jan 25_21.pdf (753.53 KB)
Engagement Plan
Document Received/Sent Uploaded
S21S-001 - Engagement Plan and Engagement Record - Jan 25_21.pdf (228.21 KB)
Spill - Contingency - Emergency Response
Document Received/Sent Uploaded
S21S-001 - Spill Contingency Plan - Jan 25_21.pdf (1.74 MB)
Waste Management Plan
Document Received/Sent Uploaded
S21S-001 - Community Waste Disposal Letters - Jan 25_21.pdf (173.01 KB)
S21S-001 - Waste Management Plan - Jan 25_21.pdf (764.44 KB)
9. GIS Data
GIS Data
Document Received/Sent Uploaded
S21S-001 - GIS Data - Jan (24.44 KB)
S21S-001 - GIS Shape File - Jan (7.73 MB)