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Apply for Permit/Licence

Applying for a land use permit and/or water licence is a straightforward process. Understanding and adhering to the steps outlined in the guides to completing a land use permit and water licence application can help ensure that applications are complete and can be processed in a timely manner.

Land Use Permit Applications

When determining land use fees remember that the $150 application fee includes the first 2 hectares of land and that fees are payable only for federal public lands. Do not include land use fees for private lands (include as total calculation of lands used in hectares, but not as part of fees).

Water Licence Applications

Municipal Applications

Operation and Maintenance Plan Templates:

Please refer to the Resources for Municipalities page.

Before Making Your Submission...

Before sending any material to the Board for either a Land Use Permit or Water Licence Application, please review the following two standards for guidance in formatting your submissions: