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Notice of Contracting Opportunities 

The Land and Water Boards of the Mackenzie Valley conduct preliminary screenings and issue Land Use Permits and Water Licences. These authorizations are issued for a variety of undertakings in sectors including, but not limited to: mining and milling, power generation, municipal operations, oil and gas, transportation, remediation, and other industrial activities.

Technical Areas of Expertise

Throughout the processing and review of applications, renewals or amendments to Land Use Permits and/or Water Licences, the Boards may seek support in a range of areas of expertise including, but not limited to, the following:

Legal Technical
  • Interpretation of legislation
  • Administrative Law
  • Environmental Law
  • Public Hearings
  • Compensation claims
  • Requests for Rulings
  • Governance, By-Laws, and Rules of Procedure
  • Geochemistry and Acid Mine Drainage / Metal Leaching
  • Mine Water Management
  • Geotechnical Engineering and Permafrost
  • Mine Abandonment, Restoration, and Closure
  • Geothermal Modelling
  • Containment Chemistry and Transport
  • Risk Assessment
  • Aquatic Chemistry and Toxicology
  • Aquatic Effects Monitoring Programs
  • Biophysical Environment
  • Hydrology and Hydrogeology
  • Civil Engineering (related to construction of earthworks and roads)
  • Calculation and Evaluation of Financial Security

There are currently no contracting opportunities available. Please check back at a later date.