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Délįnę Got’įnę Government - S24X-001

The Délın̨ę Got’ine Government (DGG) has retained Stantec Architecture Ltd. (Stantec) to undertake the geotechnical drilling program, as required by the SLWB in their letter dated October 5, 2023, to support the renewal of the DGG’s Class B Municipal Water Licence S18L3-001 for the new Solid Waste Disposal Facility (SWDF). The associated geotechnical investigation involves drilling five boreholes around the perimeter of the new SWDF to obtain information regarding site-specific geology and hydrology and install groundwater monitoring wells around the new SWDF. The geotechnical investigation is anticipated between February 15 and March 30, 2024.

The investigation will take approximately 2-3 days and will consist of the following:• Drilling of 4 boreholes (6” diameter) at 5 m depth• Drilling of 1 borehole (6” diameter) at 30 m depth• Installation of 2” PVC monitoring wells in all 5 holes• Collection of soil samples for laboratory analysis

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1. Permit - Licence - Other Issuances
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S24X-001 - Permit Application - Waste Management Plan V 1.1 - Feb 2_24.pdf.pdf (119.45 KB)
S24X-001 - Land Use Permit and Conditions - Mar 12_24.pdf (637.9 KB)
S24X-001 - Permit Decision Letter - Mar 12_24.pdf (1.04 MB)
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S24X-001 - Preliminary Screening - Notification to Review Board - Feb 20_24.pdf (635.65 KB)
S24X-001 - Land Use Permit Application Cover Letter - Feb 2_24.pdf (377.83 KB)
S24X-001 - Permit Application - Engagement Plan - Feb 2_24.pdf.pdf (1.32 MB)
S24X-001 - Permit Application - Spill Contingency Plan - Feb 2_24.pdf.pdf (1.86 MB)
S24X-001 - Land Use Permit Application - Feb 2_24.pdf (655.51 KB)
S24X-001 - Permit Application - Waste Management Plan V 1 - Feb 2_24.pdf.pdf (155.54 KB)