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Imperial Oil Resources Ltd. - S24S-003

​Imperial Oil Resources N.W.T Limited (Imperial) plans to undertake a geotechnical investigation to support the replacement of the flowlines within the Line 490 corridor beneath the Mackenzie River, in Norman Wells, NT. The flowlines are planned to be replaced using horizontal directional drilling (HDD). A geotechnical investigation is required to determine the subsurface conditions and provide additional information for the design of the HDD (the "Replacement Activities").

The proposed activities covered within this application consist of two vertical boreholes, one near the HDD entry point (Bear Island) and one near the exit point (Goose Island) on land  within Imperial's existing land titles. The investigation is anticipated to occur between June 1 and August 31, 2024. The investigation will take approximately three to five days, and will consist of the following: 

1) Drilling of 2 boreholes (6" diameter) to approximately 40m depth.

2) Collection of soil samples for laboratory analysis. 


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S24S-003 - LUP Application Fee Receipt - May 22_22.pdf (14.48 KB)
S24S-003 - Draft Permit Conditions - April22_24.pdf (427.64 KB)
S24S-003 - Supplemental Information - Apr22_24.pdf (149.8 KB)
S24S-003 - Engagement Record and Plan Summary - Apr4_24.pdf (684.66 KB)
S24S-003 - Land Use Permit Application - Apr4_24.pdf (345.36 KB)
S24S-003 - Photograph and Description of Drilling Rig - Apr4_24.pdf (111.58 KB)
S24S-003 - Project Location - Apr4_24.pdf (1.89 MB)
S24S-003 - Security Worksheet - Apr4_24.pdf (300.3 KB)
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S24S-003 - Letter - Yamoga-Lands-Corporation-to-the-SLWB May9_24.pdf (107.49 KB)
S24S-003 - SLWB Response to Yamoga Lands Corporation - May15_24.pdf (159 KB)