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Great Bear Lake Lodge Ltd. - S24F-008

Great Bear Lake Lodge Ltd. renewal application for a type A land use permit. The purpose of this Application is to: 1) continue operation at the Great Bear Lake Lodge, on Great Bear Lake, NT; 2) use equipment and vehicles on an existing private access road and associated airstrip; 3) use of an existing quarry to obtain granular borrow materials and gravel for maintenance of the existing road and airstrip; and 4) use of fuel storage containers with capacity greater than 4,000L. 

Great Bear Lake Lodge is a fishing camp in operation since 1967. The lodge can accommodate 50 guests and 30 staff and operates from late June until mid-September under a GNWT Tourism Operator Licence and a NWT Land Lease.

Water Licence S24L3-001 is associated with the Project.

Previous LUP file: S21F-002


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S24F-008 - Land Use Permit Renewal Cover Letter - May 31_24.pdf (393.05 KB)
S24F-008 - DRAFT Standard Land Use Permit Conditions_June 10_24.pdf (947.61 KB)
S24F-008 - Renewal - Land Use Application - May 31_24.pdf (1.09 MB)
S24F-008 - Engagement Plan - May 31_24.pdf (811.36 KB)
S24F-008 - Engagement Log - May 31_24.pdf (876.45 KB)
S24F-008 - Closure Reclamation Plan - May 31_24.pdf (446.55 KB)
S24F-008 - Waste Management Plan - May 31_24.pdf (808.06 KB)
S24F-008 - Spill Contingency Plan - May 31_24.pdf (1.73 MB)