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Parks Canada - S21S-003

​Geotechnical and Environmental Site Assessments, Tulita

Four assessments will be conducted on a property located at 30 and 30A Bear Rock Drive within the Hamlet of Tulit'a prior to construction of a Visitor Centre, office and warehouse in support of Nááts’ı̨hch’oh National Park Reserve. A Phase II Environmental Site Assessment, a Hazardous Building Materials Assessment, a Preliminary Quantitative Risk Assessment, and a Geotechnical Investigative Assessment will be completed to evaluate existing structures, soil, and groundwater for potential impacts, contaminants of concern, and soil engineering properties. 


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1. Permit - Licence - Other Issuances
All Issuances
Document Received/Sent Uploaded
S21S-003 - Land Use Permit Conditions - Aug 03_21.pdf (7.44 MB)
S21S-003 - Reasons for Decision - Aug 03_21.pdf (1.6 MB)
S21S-003 - LUP Cover Page - Aug 03_21.pdf (879.59 KB)
S21S-003 - Decision Letter - Aug 03_21.pdf (2.85 MB)
2. Initial/Renewal Application
Application and Related Docs
Document Received/Sent Uploaded
S21S-003 - Parks Canada - Project Location Map - Jun 8_21.pdf (1.35 MB)
S21S-003 - Parks Canada New Permit Application Cover Letter - Jun 8_21.pdf (688.66 KB)
S21S-003 - Parks Canada Permit Application - Jun 8_21.pdf (1004.31 KB)
Consultations - Reviews - Work Plans
Document Received/Sent Uploaded
S21S-003 - Staff Report No. 1 - Jul 21_ 21.pdf (624.79 KB)
S21S-003 - AOA Report - Jul 15_21.pdf (1.99 MB)
S21S-003 - Statement of Work for AIA - Jul 15_21.pdf (222.11 KB)
S21S-003 - E-mails - Clarification - Borehole and Casings - Jul 8_21.pdf (120.56 KB)
S21S-003 - Draft Land Use Permit Conditions - Jun 16_21.pdf (365.14 KB)
Preliminary Screening
Document Received/Sent Uploaded
S21S-003 - Preliminary Screening Determination - Jul 21_21.pdf (8.72 MB)
5. Reports and Studies
Operations and Notifications
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S21S-003 - Groundwater Monitoring Well Decommissioning - 23Sept2022.pdf (1.43 MB)
6. Management Plans
Engagement Plan
Document Received/Sent Uploaded
S21S-003 - Parks Canada Engagement Record and Plan - Jun 8_21.pdf (2.46 MB)
Spill - Contingency - Emergency Response
Document Received/Sent Uploaded
S21S-003 - Parks Canada Spill Contingency Plan - Jun 8_21.pdf (2.42 MB)
Waste Management Plan
Document Received/Sent Uploaded
S21S-003 - Parks Canada Waste Managment Plan - Jun 8_21.pdf (874.05 KB)