Husky Oil Operations Ltd. - S13L1-005

Associated Land Use Permit S13A-002.  This Type B Water Licence is for exploratory oil and gas drilling and completions program within the Slater River Program Area. The proposed program includes drilling, completions (by vertical hydraulic fracturing) and testing of two vertical wells during the fall of 2013 to further validate and evaluate the Canol, Hare Indian and Bluefish Shales.  Consolidation of the existing Water Licence S11L1-003 to now be covered under this licence. AN ADDITIONAL HUSKY LAND USE PERMIT ON EXPLORATION LICENCES 462 AND 463, S12X-006​, OUTLINES THE REQUIREMENTS OF A SURFACE AND GROUNDWATER MONITORING PLAN.  PLEASE REFER TO THIS PERMIT FOR FURTHER INFORMATION REGARDING THIS PLAN.​


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S13X-003 - S13L1-006 -S13A-002 - S13L1-005 - Husky Quarry B Reclamation Plan - Decision Letter - Sep 4_19.pdf (148.72 KB) September 10, 2019 September 10, 2019
S13L1-005 - Husky Oil Operations Ltd - Approval Letter - Jan 23_19.pdf (32.1 KB) January 23, 2019 January 23, 2019
S13L1-005 - Water Licence - Jul 19_13.pdf (472.07 KB) September 3, 2013 September 3, 2013