Resource Co-Management Workshops

The Resource Co-management Workshops are hosted by the Land and Water Boards of the Mackenzie Valley, the Mackenzie Valley Review Board, the Government of the Northwest Territories, and the Government of Canada.


The 2021 workshop theme was Well-being: making good co-management decisions in the Mackenzie Valley. The goals, format, and content for this workshop were based on feedback from participants who attended the Resource Co-management workshops held over the past five years.


The theme for the 2020 Resource Co-management Workshop was Engagement & Consultation and was held in Yellowknife at the Explorer Hotel, February 4 to 6. The format was in person and included presentations, discussion panels, and breakout groups.


2019's Resource Co-management Workshop was a regional event, held in Inuvik, February 26 to 28. Panel discussions, presentations, and breakout sessions focused on different aspects of co-management. 


The 2018 Resource Co-management Workshop was held in Yellowknife, at the Explorer Hotel, and focused on different "stages of a project lifecycle after the environmental assessment is complete, including regulatory permitting, ongoing project monitoring and compliance, and closure and reclamation."


The Resource Co-management Workshop for 2017 was a regional event, held in Norman Wells, February 7-8. The intention of this year's workshop was fostering a better understanding of the resource co-management regime within the context of a legislated regional land claim agreement, and better implementation going forward. 


The 2016 Resource Co-management Workshop was held in Yellowknife at the Explorer Hotel, January 12-13. This workshop focused on components of the MVRMA system, and consisted of a series of panel discussions, and interactive break-out sessions.